Will someone help me out here!!!???


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Alright, I'm a Freshman in College and my girlfriend of almost 3 years is a senior in High School (ya ya, I know, but I love her).

Anyway....my friends sister and her friend Nina and Keels came up to college to visit me and my friend JJ. We all went out and had an awesome time at the clubs and stuff. Then when we got home we stayed up in the dorms and just played around....finally at about 7:00 AM we got tired and decided to go to sleep....well, JJ and his girlfriend were in one bed...Nina and a guy she hooked up with were in the other...and Me and Keels slept in an extra mattress we have....we didn't do anything and we were both fully clothed (I wasn't about to cheat on my g/f). all we did was sleep...

But...when I told my girlfriend about it she went ape shit on me....she told me she couldn't believe how I disrespected her and our relationship. She said all kinds of shit that I didn't understand.

I don't think I did anything wrong....there wasn't anywhere else to sleep and I wasn't about to sleep in my f'ing car. I'm very confused....Anyway...can you explain why she flipped out??? It's not like I cheated or anything.

your advice would be much appreciated
i have one word for you.. YOUNG... when women are young they tend to be a bit irrational and can over-react.. also when women are insecure then tend to get a bit possessive and jealous... Your best bet is to reassure your girl about how much you love her and only her and that Keels could not hold a candle to your girl.. yadda yadda.. get the drift...

You really did nothing wrong in my eyes persay, but turn the situation around and look at it from her point of view.. how would you like it if she slept with another guy and did nothing.. i am sure you might get a bit jealous too...
but you need to have faith and trust in each other.. without that, there is nothing...

i do hope i helped a bit.. but your situation is precarious.. you technically did nothing wrong, but virtually you kind of did..

but go and kiss her ass and you will be fine LOL
Ohh boy..
I agree with Supergirl on this and unfortunately, she'll be pissed for a while. You can look at the good side and if she didn't love you she wouldn't be pissed.
What bugs her is the shadow of the doubt since she wasn't there, she doesn't know what really happened. To paint another analogy is: You know how you feel if someone breaks into your house or invades your personal space? You feel violated right? Well, alot of what she feels is that what she considered "hers" got violated. Even though nothing happened, it was a little too close for comfort.
thanx ladies....you've been helpful....I guess I know now that I messed up. (she made that very clear :( ) Anyway....thanx for the advice.

hell hath no fury like a woman scorned , bro it will get worse before it gets better