winny and back pain


Old dog suckin wind
Anyone else get all tight and spasmed in the lower back? I stopped last week and went back yesterday and already I'm all jammed up.

IP Winstrol (winny) 50mg. tabs
When I saw the thread title, immediately, I wondered if you were using Winstrol (winny) orally.

The two times I've used Winstrol (winny) orally in a cycle, I've had this same issue...and I fucking hate it. I've used Winstrol (winny) in 4 cycles Intramuscularly and have never experienced that phenomena...

Maybe it's me, but that is what my experience with IM and Oral winstrol has been.
I got it regardless of administration. It's the pumps. It wasn't too bad, however the dbol back pumps were ridiculous.
I recently finished up a longish cycle with five weeks of Perutech Winstrol (winny) caps at the end, and also experienced some back pain. Not as bad as with d-bol, but still uncomfortable enough. It always seems worse sitting in my car on that drive home from the gym on leg or back day.
well I was takin 100mgs Winstrol (winny) injec,and 50mgs of stanabol,so no wonder,but yes my lower back was killin me,so I lowered it back to 50mgs and it got better.