winstrol and test


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ok guys, im currently debating adding some Winstrol (winny) tabs to my next cyp cycle. what do you think? seems like the Winstrol (winny) is EXTREMELY expensive! will a small dose say of 4 or 5 2mg tabs make any difference at all?

i was thinking that a dose that small is going to be a waste but i thought that i would ask the pros! im currently having a ball with the cyp at 1.5cc every 4 days.

30mg is the lowest I ran. I noticed very little in terms of effects, but my point was for collogen synthesis..which may or may not have work (no injuries thus far though).

Keep shopping till you find them cheap enough to run 50mg for 6wks. That will be noticable, especially if your bf is low.
ok! thanks for the info!

what about anavar?? is it any better? im going through the Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Dr. so that is why the price is high. but i dont have to worry about fakes or legal problems. what is your opinion on the anavar.
I run 20mg year round not including cycles. I like it, doesnt shut me down but keeps me in a positive direction. Nothing to brag about in gains though, for that 40mg is the minimal I would use.
I think Winstrol (winny) at 40 to 50 mgs ed will work out good for you and if it is a money issue then you better stick with the Winstrol (winny). Anavar (var) is more expensive then Winstrol (winny). Also this will be good to run during the 2 weeks your waiting for the test to clear, it'll help keep test levels high so your loses wont be as great. It can be stopped the day before post cycle since it clears in a day.

You can find Winstrol (winny) at a good price if you look hard enough.