Winstrol: Love Or Hate?

Winstrol: Love Or Hate?

  • Loved it will use it in every cycle

    Votes: 9 75.0%
  • Hated it, didnt do anything for me

    Votes: 3 25.0%

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Im just curious on what you people think about this drug and what has it done for you? will you always use this drug or do you despise this drug, it has done nothing for you......???
I wont touch it myself, at least thats what I've been saying so far. I dont plan to compete though, so I'm willing to put myself through less than some others would.
so far i have used deca, test, and Winstrol (winny). deca is my fav. Winstrol (winny) was my least fav. it made my muscles hard but did not get near the size or strength gains.
It's a great drug to get that ripped look. The only poblem with Winstrol (winny) is that it does have side effects...i.e...joint problem, hair loss...etc....
used it extensively during my contest prep and at one point going to 300 mg ed.....didn't have any joint problems (wasn't taking deca) and I shave my head so I don't really care about my hair.....the only downside is that it's very harsh on the liver......
I would like to take it but it hurts my joints to much. I have tried 2 times and both times i had to stop after 4 weeks. But i liked it till then.
I love Winstrol (winny). I have used it twice; once with tren and the other time with test. Both times it worked great, and I had no sides at all, except some awesome strength gains. For me, Winstrol (winny) does everything that tren is supposed to do.
good shit guys.....cant wait to try it myself....i start mine week 8 - 13 which is 6 weeks..... :) summer time im gunna look like a different person :)
I dont see why people like Winstrol (winny), but whatever floats your boat. I get the terrible joint pain, no real gains, irritation at the hairline. Studies also show that is wreaks havoc on lipid profiles more than any other oral within just 48 hours!!
omg me too...elbow joint pains! weiiird....buuut damn Winstrol (winny) is the shit! nice lean gains and your strength does increase. my grip got so strong when I was on that people were asking me why I was squeezing their hand so hard when I was handshaking them. I didn't even notice.
I like Winstrol (winny) alot it seems to bring everything together when i add it at the end of my cycles
Never tried Winstrol (winny), too many sides, Masteron should be in my mailbox when i get home, that seems to be as effective with much fewer sides, from all i read.