Your Best Cycle Ever


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What cycle ( besides your 1st) were you guys most pleased with the results and the way you looked? And what did ya take. I think mine would have to be an EQ,Enanthate,Anavar cycle. Definetaly helps to do cardio while taking gear, unless you powerlift. Because I don't see the point in taking gear and having a pot belly. So many people just take it like its a miracle drug and neglect diet and cardio. I had a friend of mine take dbol like 5 years ago. And he only worked out I think 5 times in a month. He still gained 10lbs. but what a waste. They still haven't made a pill for dedication!!!
Like everybody my first cycle kicked ass!! I felt like superman when using my first BMX cycle, damn those were the days. My current cycle is a bit more conservative and was bought as a no name at Kmart. Though i no longer feel like superman its still good to be on a cycle from time to time.

I just ended the best one for me.......deca, prop, Anavar (var), winny....I feel sad that it had to come to an end :(