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  • yo man i read some of your post and was wondering how the oral tren went, thinking about getting that or oral dbol what would you suggest and what were ur gains on oral tren
    Shit sorry this is late. I never check my messages. Check out my journal in the journal has the dosages that I was taking. Its called "wanna see big gains" I just started a part 2, your going to want to visit the first one though. hope that helps
    Hey i saw a thread of yours and was curious to what PHs you have taken, or would recomend if im looking to put on 10-15lbs(if possible form PHs) thanks
    Hey, sorry but I made a mistake. .5 on the dropper is 12.5mg if the liquid is 25mg of that substance. Hope that makes sense.
    hi Barry

    I'm new to the board. just got some liqidex, is one ml on the syringe that came with it the one ml dose? (correct?)

    any help would be great

    Thanks Shido
    Sorry, I know this is scattered it would not allow me to keep the TEXT all together. The bottom is actually the first POST
    I get 5,000-6,000 calories EVERY day. 600-700 CARBS EVERY day. 350-400 Protein EVERY day. Do this and you will grow- You have my word!

    I drink 1 weight gainer shake in the morning and another sometime throughout the day (right there is 160g protein and over 1500 calories).

    Get some Casein protein for a before bedtime drink (slow release).
    Also, get yourself some CARBO GAIN and mix a couple scoops in your daily intake of water (you will not taste the difference and you'll get 200 carbs a day just from drinking water. GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, etc has this-get the big tub Casein & CARBO GAIN).

    Remember, to eat big your budget HAS to go up. You will spend more money no matter what.
    Hopefully this gets you started. Remember this, bulking is great bc all you need to do is EAT. im 5'9, 204lbs and 7-9% BF (during my shredding period- 9-11% BF during Bulking period). I know some of this food looks fatty. Well, it is. However, its better than under eating when trying to get bigger in all aspects.
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