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  • hey u posted on my serotropin thread sick of gettin fake or low dosed gh... i want so blue tops or something good could you help me out please
    OH Reeeely ?????

    Too late bro. I already rep'd her that. I made em.wrong that's why they sucked. Not that Mrs idea isn't good. I'm gonna make them again they'll be good this time. It wqs more like a gluey trail mix. LMAO. I still ate that shit..with a spoon. Oh I've been beaten before. Lol she looks mean and how hard ahe works out she probably hurts like a mofo too!!! I don't want none of that shit. I'm not really the fastest runner either so i can't even run. Lol
    P I already know she wears the pants in that house. Haha. Ya the pics of her food look so good and colorful. I tried her protein cookies. Didn't come out to good for me. I'm gonna try again
    Dude that sounds great! My old lady isnt a good cook so i make that Bitch cut the grass and i cook lol. Plus in college and high school I was a cook at a very nice Italian restaurant. Ballin!!! I had some lemon pepper salmon and not for the finale bbq pork.
    Shit bro bout to get my chef Herm on lol. What's the Mrs cooking? I get so jealous cuz she's always cooking something bomb. Lol
    Hahaha did your girls laugh at you? Ya the song does have a catch to it!! Ya bro I don't know if you see it my name is Sal!! I wasn't raised by Italian women at all. Haha my gram is mean Brah. She had an ARM on her and even if I got a good running start BAM right in the back of the head with a shoe. Oh boy bring backs horrible memories. Ya i just got home from work watching valkyrie drinking a few long island ice teas. Lol
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