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  • Hey! At home in bed about to go to sleep. Zero sleep last night because my boy stayed up screaming his heart out until 5am, I sent Mrs P an email at that time lol! But I shall be more active around here soon ;)
    Haha, I feel your pain sometimes you just have to take it for the team ;)
    it's our pleasure P, enjoy :)
    Maybe I will:) What kind of trucks? Canucks are getting there asses kicked:( one more loss and they are out!!
    I'm very tired, but on the whole OK. Tal has taken up loud screaming as his pass time!! And Ayallah goes back to school tomorrow after her two week Easter break. :)
    My friend is my tattoo artist so he actually did mine back cheap.... I'm getting it colored in now and then going to add a tail wrapping down under my ass. As it is in the picture I paid 350 for my entire back... it was all done in one 12 hour sitting.... My leg cost about 350 also, so that mybe a better judge of price. But with tats you often get what you pay for - so dont go with the cheapest person - go with the best artist. Really check out the persons work and have her talk with them to discuss what she wants. They should be able to draw it up first so she can make changes before hand too :)
    Trying to pm osta but seems I have been disabled. They were helping me out with something and asked for some follow up. Not trying to post public.Thanks and hope your Easter was great.
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