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  • Hey thanks for the response, was at work so couldn't reply right away. Z ended up sending me the info, payment sent, it's in his hands now, but I have faith and patience in him after everything positive I've read.

    Thanks for being willing to help, really. You put my mind at ease while at work, lol.
    Hey, I've read around and you're a heavy supporter of Z, and seem like a good person to ask. Does it generally take over 24hours for receiver information after placing an order? I can't PM otherwise I'd do so, and I emailed Z without luck. Would appreciate your help. Was wondering if it might be the email associated with the order that's the issue. Thanks for your time.
    cant respond to any messages bro,not sure what the deal is maybe its the 50 post rule..
    I did get into the site but it will not let me login,have emailed twice for help yesterday.. Any ideas
    Hey bud, I sent another email to z crew (3rd) but I have still yet to hear from them. First one I sent had all my info and what not as they requested to get a user name. Hopefully there is something you can do. I can't pm because I don't post, I mostly read. If you pm me an email I can email you if that's easier thank you for your time and helping me out much appreciated. Chris
    Repo I have the same problem as all the other people emailing you. I have been a member here and with Z for almost 2. Years please let me know what I can or need to do to get access to the new site. thanks repo
    Hey Repo you PMed me but i cant PM you back , sorry. I got a secure email so hopefully you can email me. Thanks man . Z rocks!
    hey Repo, I contacted you a couple days ago regarding uncleZs site and still haven't heard anything. Id like to check it out. Gimme a shout at when you get a chance. Thanks
    Hey REPO, I'm trying to be a new customer of Z . Did alot of research and i like what i hear . I don't have enough posts to pm you, so if you could pm me i would appreciate it. hope you can help Hear from you soon
    Sorry to be everyother person on the forum but I'd appreciate if you could help me out with Z if you could either pm me or email at I'd appreciate it thanks. I know you can't go wrong with z's product or price and I'm looking to make my first purchase.
    Hey there...I'm a customer of Z's and his site is not excepting the username and password they gave me from the last time I ordered..can ya help me..thanks
    Hey repo, I'm new to the site but would like to get ahold of unclez. His shop looks good from what I saw. I don't have enough posts to pm you, so if you could pm me or shoot me an email at, is appreciate it. Thanks man
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