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  • Quality work there smilee!!! you have a talented artist handling it I see
    I hear ya, I have been battling a couple of infections over the last few weeks and I thought it was going to take me out of the game. You're doing awesome!
    Lol, my youngin about to turn 5 is an Aries. You two are 5 days apart I believe. When I get enough posts, I'll pm you a pic just so you can see it. I really don't want an f-up on my cover up. That's why I haven't gotten anything done yet.

    Dang you have some patience to sit thru the backpiece!
    I have 2 45 pistols on the upper right of my back. I love them, but don't shoot competitively anymore and it's just not part of my life. I would love a large weeping willow tree, but wanted your opinion on how well the guns would cover up. Size of the new tat isn't an issue, I.just want some tips when looking for a good cover up artist.
    Your hard work is paying off! I remember taking before pics 2 years ago and the difference is amazing. I've done progress pics also. You'll be so happy you did progress pics because it really helps to reflect and realize that the work you've done counts for something! Sometimes I think that it's easy to forget that the small changes add up to big differemnces in physique and progress pics are proof of that :).
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