1ct cycle


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I need some advice! I've battled high blood pressure for about a year. I now take toprol and my blood pressure seems to be under control. Ive been checking it twice a day for 3 months. Last night it was 124/70. Im wanting to do my 1st cycle. Ive got deca-durabolin, primobolan,& test enanthate. Ive been lifting hard for 2 years. My bodyfat is 14%, im 6ft 210pds, diet is very clean. Im 31 yrs old, and any advice would be great. Should I take them all at the same time, or would one of them be better to take alone? I would really appreciate any help. Thank you!!!
I didnt wanna hear it when I started but 3 Compounds is def too many for a first cycle. Every Person who responds is gonna tell you test Only at something like 3-500/week for 10-12 weeks.
Yah, that seems to be the protocol from what I've learned here.

I'm doing my 1st cycle as well, although my "guy" told me as well to only do Test on my 1st cycle, I'll see plenty of results. He said in following cycles I'll need to add more gear, but not now.

Use the "search" option as well and typoe in 1st cycle or something along those lines. You'll get plenty of feedback there.

Good luck!

my first cycle was test only. i took sustanon 500mg a week.i don´t know is it for you ok to take anything because of your already high blood preasure because it will rise when on cycle. If you do want to go on a cycle i think it´s best to take test only and at the of the cycle clomid and hcg. You might want to read some of the old posts because there is lots of info what you should and should not do