31 y/o, 5 Months into TRT, Low SHBG, very high Free T, struggling to find a solution


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Hello respected members,
My age is 31 years and i have just completed 5 months of my TRT. Its been a struggle from the very start because i am a low SHBG guy(14.5 nmol/l). Previously I have tried different protocols like,

50 mg E 3.5 D
T =721, E2 =42(non sensitive)

60 mg E 3.5 D
Arimudex 0.25 twice weekly.
T= 790,E2= 22( non sensutive)

BUT NONE HAS WORKED OUT FOR ME. I had no benefits of TRT at this point. I was about to lose my confidence on TRT but i did not because one of the senior members of this kind forum suggested me to test EOD( Every other day) protocol because of my low SHBG. So i have started 2 months back

17.5 mg EOD protocol

And after just a few days something started to happen. I was suddenly having more energy, decent libido, better mood and all the expected benefits of TRT.

Its been 2 months since i am running this protocol and i had started to believe that i have got the " Dialed in" badge.

Lab work after 8 weeks

T =979 ng/dl

Free T = 54 pg/ml ( 1- 28 pg/ml)

E2= 55 pg/ml

But just a week back, i have hit a speed breaker and now i am really confused and paranoid what to do. Too much scared and worried for losing the hard earned positives.

I have this strange feeling of throbbing heart and i can hear and feel my heart beat. Its like there is a load on my heart or its beating hard so my whole body is beating with it. If i sit on the ground my whole body is pulsating and beating. The heart rate is not too much in real just 80-95 beats per minute. Also i have elevated blood pressure 145/95 previously it was 130/90. I do have more anger than normal with a touch of anxiety as well. I can feel something is being high and extra in my body either FreeT or E2 causing this disruption. But i dont know what it is.


1)Is it due to too much Free T because of my low SHBG ( But i have also seen professional body builders running very high numbers both total T and free T)?

2) Is it due to E2 being too high?

3) Have you ever seen these high Total T and Free T numbers on such a low dose 17.5 mg EOD, like mine?

What should i do now?

1)Assume my throbbing and irritating heartbeat/pulse is due to very high free T and lower my dose to 10 mg EOD instead of 17.5 mg EOD.

2)Assume its due to high E2 and add 0.25 mg Arimidex accordingly?

3)Any different approach?

Thank you very much for reading this far. Please do help me as i am at the verge of being dialed in and i dont want to ruin my hard work with one wrong move.

Bundles of Thanks in advance.

I highly apreciate your support as ever.

Best regards.


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Unfortunately I don't have an answer, but I'm interested in your experience because I've got a similar issue with very high free T.

In my case, my last test showed free T at 88 ng/dL ( range is 5 to 21, so over four times max! ). Total test was 1313 ng/dL (this was not trough).
This is on 60mg test cyp 2x per week. Not sure if the total number was higher because the sample wasn't taken at trough or due to HCG.

E2 was also surprisingly high at almost 60. And HCT was 55.1 :-(

I'm going to phleb tomorrow and am also considering lowering my dose. Been on TRT for over 5 years, and still not exactly dialed in as you can see.

I occasionally have uncomfortable heartbeat too.


When's the last time you donated blood and what is your hematocrit at? Depending on this, you may want to try doing a donation to see if it helps.

Next you could try a low dosage of Arimidex. But keep in mind that lowering your E2 will increase your Free T (all things remaining equal) since the is less E2 to compete for being bound by your SHBG.

How much water are you drinking? And are you getting regular exercise? How about salt intake?

What do your kidney and liver numbers look like?