34 year old male with 0 libido. Lab results are in, am I a candidate for TRT?


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I'm 34, 5'10 155lbs, had a monster libido in my 20s and was able to have sex (but mostly masturbate) 5 times a day. It all abruptly stopped when I was 29 and I've never been able to get it back. Sexually I feel like a 70 year old man. Just no desire to have sex whatsoever. Had my testosterone tested before and doctor said everything was fine because total was so high.

I finally went to a men's health clinic and the doc ordered lab work. I have a follow-up appointment in April. I see that my SHBG is very high which is giving a very inflated total.

Maybe someone here can shed some insight as to my condition?
what happened at age 29 that caused your natural levels do decrease? lifestyle change? diet change? did you have a back accident/injury?
did you startr drinking alcohol? did you start taking meds?
what happened at age 29 that caused your natural levels do decrease?
i have no idea what they were or if they decreased at all. i never checked my testosterone before 29.

lifestyle change? diet change?
i was always sedentary all my life until i lost my libido. i started going to the gym and put on muscle mass (went from 145 to 175) but libido never came back. i used to watch a lot of porn and jack off 5 times a day because i was horny. then at 29 one day it all stopped. i panicked and tried everything to rediscover it but to no avail.

did you have a back accident/injury?

did you startr drinking alcohol?
no, never was a fan of drinking.

did you start taking meds?
What I see is your testosterone looks good, both total and free. No problem there. SHBG is high, total T is high, free T is good in range, so don't think the problem is there.

Your prolacin is a bit high and estrogen seems to be sky high. I was looking for my own test results to check the units, but couldn't find them. Assuming your units are the same as what I'm used to - your results are super high for E2. 90 vs. a target of mid 20's to 30's.

That right there is your problem. I'd take a hard look at what you are eating and your body fat to try to see where it's coming from. Do you eat a lot of unfermented soy? Fast food? Food that's processed and/or comes in plastic packages?

I wouldn't necessarily jump on any kind of meds first thing, but if you can't find any smoking gun in what you eat or your fat level, then a tiny and I do mean tiny dose of aromasin (exemestane) taken every other day should sort you out.
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