3rd cycle at 42 years


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i've been reading on this board for a few years now and learnt a huge amount. My first cycle (two years ago) was 500mg Test Cyp pw for 10 weeks and my second, finishing 5 months ago, was again Test Cyp, but 600mg pw. Thanks to this forum, I did the correct post cycle therapy (pct) and ran HCG throughout the cycle. Everything was great and the sides, other that the expected water retention, were under control.

I now want to run my third cycle. But I am thinking of dropping the test dosage and introducing eq.
Week 1-10 300mg test enathate pw
Week 1-10 350mg eq pw
Week 2-12 500iu every 5 days
Week 12-13 50 mg Novaldex ed
Week 14-16 25mg Novaldex ed
I'll keep some Novaldex on hand during the cycle.

Do you think the dropping down of the test dosage is not advisable? Also, is it neccessary to increase the dosages? Any other critism of my suggestion would be most welcome.
I'd keep the test the same. Also, many people say running less than 400mg/EQ is useless. I haven't run it personally, so I can't tell you for sure.

I'd go:

Weeks 1-10 -Test C @ 5-600mg/wk
Weeks 1-10- EQ @ 400mg/wk
Everything else the same.

Otherwise, looks like you got your ducks lined up.