400mg/ml Deca , has anyone heard of that?


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My supplier has some deca that is made by Univex Pharmaceutiacals in Germany. The deca is 400mg/ml, ive never seen that before so i was wondering if anyone else has? The name on the vial is Decandrolone(nandrolone decanoate) the vial seems to be real and not fake as far as the label, expiry date and the silver tab part is solid. So anybody with any input on whether i should try it or not would be much appreciated.


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i have seen a all different types of doses for deca i personally prefer 300mg but 400 would be nice just means fewer injections and as long as you trust your source then you are good to go


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Yes my ugl even has decca at 500. I try to only use 1 cc of it at a time to avoid pain. It is not as painful as you would think. I also have eq at 400 mgs an ml but i could have gotten it at 600.