42 years old- starting my second cycle looking for a review of my plan

Unless you have or can afford more primo which many cant, I would either find another option to go with. Primo needs to be run at 600mg at least to get the desired results. If it's real, which many arent these days it's usually really weak mg. Primo is a very nice addition to any cycle but it has to be run at high amounts, and is still very pricey. Having said that, there are several other options for same results basically. I used to love primo, and recall results I got when I ran it high and not to sound arrogant it literally gave me a concrete look on stage. It is a very high quality drug if legit and run properly it can be very beneficial. I'm just not willing to pay the going rate for real primo at this time when there are cheaper choices out there that give similar results. My 2cnts.

has OP read this yet? he disapeared...... hope he took some good advice from this.
hey op? you got lots of replies here asking for updates?? how about an update bro? have you started pct yet? gains?
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