a little adv needed


Father of 1 Dad to 4
my freinds wife needs a cycle set up say
12 weeks on and 12 weeks off.
her internal medicin doc has her on
25mg of test enth every week right now.
she would like to expand her cycle and post
cycle with this gearlist below.


Can you post some stats??? Current weight, BF, diet, training. Also, why does her DR have her on test? Is there a health problem he is treating? What are the goals here?
she is 31 -5'-7" -128 #'s small amount of bf but im not sure i will guess around 10-14 % she is able to add mass faster then any human ive ever worked out with.her shoulders are round and wide.
she only power lifts max weight after a warm up.and its a hit miss afair
so her body has more then time to heal.she is looking to add more mass and harden up a little plus drop her bf 2-3 points.her doctor put her on a low does of test @ her request to increase her sex drive. its been a few weeks now and she said it worked plus.
Well, she shounds pretty lean to me if your calculations are correct on BF. 10-12% is about 4 weeks out from a show... I mean, I am 5'4" 140lbs, @ 14% BF..so she sounds pretty thin. Hypathetically, if she wants to lose MORE BF, I need to know what her goals are. IF she's wanting to put on more mass, I would suggest keeping the BF where it is unless she plans to compete in the next month. Do you knwo what her lean body mass is? IMO, I would clean up the diet. What does it look like? Do you know how much protein she is consuming in a day, and how many meals she eats? If she is not eating properly, the gear will go to waste, and as far as the training goes,..on that power lifting max weight thing, how many sets/reps are being done? You could have a pretty nice cycle w/ the Test and Anavar (var). The T-3 and Clen I haven't had any luck with, and quite frankly, she probab;y doesn't need that if she is that thin. Please give us some more info. so we can make a better determination!