A Second Cycle - any advice?


Amateur Bodybuilder
Ok guys, not gonna go into to much detail here. Just after a few opinions. How does this look for a bulking cycle. Structure wise.

Wk 1-8 250mg Sus/week
Wk 1-10 200mg Deca/4 days
Wk 13-16 40mg Nova/day + whenever needed throughout

Now.....what about Clomid/HCG....?
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I would run the sus 2 weeks longer than that just ot make sure the deca is goo dand gone
250mg/week of Sustanon (sust) is a waste bro... Sustanon (sust) should be shot 3 times a week... monday wednesday friday... because of the short esters in it... if you want to do 250mg/week then you should be using test cyp or test enanthate