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Most of the knowledge I post below comes from members on this board. I've gathered it from many many threads and valuable sources on here. I decided to post it on the board and you guys can take a read and see if you learn something you didn't know. Some might be common knowledge and others maybe not. If anything seems incorrect, let me know. I'd appreciate some corrections.

PS: I take NO CREDIT on stating anything on here.
I would Like to Personally Credit: Halfwit, MrrippedZilla, Megatron, Tetutonic, 3J
(They helped me create the majority of this thread)

-High blood pressure:
*Systolic (Top): Pressure in Arterys when Hearbeats
*Diastolic (Botm): Pressure in Arterys btw Heartbeats (Most important)
*1g Garlic, 1g Potassium, 400mg CoQ10, Cardio, Less Na, Less BF, 4-6g Fish Oil, 1g Olive Leaf Extract
*1-2g Hawthorn berry, 2.4g Red yeast rice, 2g Beetroot caps, 500mg Celery Seed, 81mg Asprin, 6.8mg L-Arg
*Monitor By BP Machine
*Range: 120-140 mmHg/80-90 mmHg Good


-High RBC/High Hemoglobin:
*RBC Carry Oxygen and Remove CO2 from Lungs
*Donate Blood/Lie/Opt Out at end, Donate Double RBC, Drink Water, Less Red Meat, Asprin (100mg ED), Half GrapeFruit Potentially lowers
*Range: Good Range 42-50%, Bad Range 50-60%


-Watch LDL/HDL Levels:
*LDL = Bad Builds Plaque in Arterys, HDL = Good helps remove Plaque in Arterys
*LDL Lower by: Chromium (15-200mcg ED) Less BF/Exercise, FIBER is MOST OPTIMAL FOR CHLOST OVERALL, 1g Garlic lowers
*HDL Raise by: Niacin Caps (2-3g ED), Coenzyme Q10 (200mg ED Especially if taking Niacin/Chrom)
*Statin Drugs = Lower LDL Levels By blocking Enzymes = Must Take Coenzyme Q10 Supp
*Range: LDL 100-130 mg/dL Good, HDL 45-60 mg/dL Good

Understanding bloodwork:
Most Important things to check:
-AST Liver enzymes: Damage to Liver/Heart causes it to rise in blood, 1.2G ED NAC LOWERS

-ALT Liver enzymes: Damage to Liver causes it to rise in blood, 1.2G ED NAC LOWERS

-Hemocrit: % of Blood that is RBC, Dehydration, Low O2, Steroids Build RBC over time
NORMAL RANGE: 38.5-50.0 %

-Platelet: Raise by Test, Lowered by accutane, too low can cause injury risk bleed out
-NORMAL RANGE: 140-400 Thousand/uL

-Creatinine: Waste product from muscle mass, Kidneys filter it out, High Creatinine means Kidney Damage
NORMAL RANGE: 0.60-1.35 mg/dL
~Must be VERY elevated in order to signal damage, few points above is just exercise/protein intake/general stuff. From Halfwit

-Estradiol: Estrogen levels in blood, Varies due to gear/AI
NORMAL RANGE: 39 pg/mL or less, 150+ is high and needs to be taken care of
~High estrogen can lead to more H20 Retention in muscle = More str
~Estrogen levels does not impact mass or muscle gains.

-Testosterone: Test levels in blood, varies due to gear
NORMAL RANGE: 250-1100 ng/dL

*FSH and LH only check when trying to recover* Will be low when on cycles, even with HCG


Expired Test Vials and Storage Information:
-clear "jelly" substance at the bottom of the vial
-particles of hormone suspended in the oil that don't clear when the vial is heated
-stopper is cracked or torn can be a strong indicator
-Store them in dark place, room temp. Away from sunlight


Restart Protocol After B/C for Years (New):
1-16 Days: 2500IU HCG EOD (Single Shot)
1-45 Days: 20mg Nolva ED (Single Dose)
1-45 Days: 100mg Clomid ED (Split 50,50 twice a day, 12 hours apart)
~500iu HCG a day was not enough to make the testicles do their job, need 2500IU to reset.
~Even if B.C w/ 500IU HCG yearly, still need to Blast HCG protocol
~After 16 Days, Blood test for Test, if 400+, then drop HCG and Finish Rest
~If HCG protocol does not fire up balls, then redo it.
~Clomid Must ALWAYS be taken with Nolva.
~Do Not take Asprin when running HCG.
~Desensitization to HCG took around 2 months, 2500IU is Okay


Pressure Headaches Protocol + New Gyno Information:
-Keep Underdosed test dosage the same. (Assuming the cause of crash e2 is because of normal AI dosage but incorrect test dosage)
-Adex lower from .5 to 0 to build e2 for a few days.
-Slowly raise back to .25 for underdosed vial/Keep zero if headaches come back.
-Incase of Gyno have Ralox OR Nolva-Tamox on hand.
-Can take it Mid-cycle to PREVENT/CURE gyno.
-Ralox is MUCH superior to Nolva
-Both Reduce IGF1 and GH levels if used during cycle
-Ralox @ 120mg dosage reduce by 2%, Nolva @ 20mg dosage reduce by 25%.
-Ralox: 60mg ED 10 days, then 30mg ED util reversed. You should see improvement in approx. 4 to 6 weeks
-Nolva: 40mg ED for 7 days, then 20mg ED until gynecomastia is reversed.


Acne Revisted when Accutane is not working:
-Accutane is a Form of Vitamin A
-Requires Fat Intake to bind too and Zinc in Body to Metabolize it.
-Even with Fat intake, if insuffcient zinc intake, then Accutane is not potent enough.

During Bulks of 5500+ Cals: Fat intake always met and Zinc intake always met. Worked Fine on High Cals.
During Cuts of 2500- Cals: Fat intake always met and zinc intake not met. Not Working Very well.
(This was my own trial/error)

Zinc Rich Foods: Meats, Beans, Whole Eggs, Brown Rice, Nuts, Whole Grains.

Zinc Supp Plan: 100mg Morning + 100mg Night = Daily Elemental Zinc of 28mg (13% E.Z by Weight Per Cap 50mg Zinc Gluc)
~50mg-Zinc Gluconate:
~Avg Intake Req for PPL is: 11mg For Any Adults Over 18 Years.
~Must Also Supp with atleast 2mg of Copper during High Dosages of Zinc intake.
~High E2 can Cause Copper buildup which Lowers Zinc and Causes Hormonal Acne.
~Zinc Can act as a AI and Lower E2.


Nutrition/Training Information/Gear Myths Debunked + Sources:
*Aspartamne Does not affect Insulin levels, No blood sugar levels raises, no Calories/weight gain.
*Aspartamne contains: phenylalanine and aspartic acid. Little found in Pop, but 13x in Milk glass.
*Meal timing does not matter for gains, only for faster metabolism.
*Asprin does NOT affect muscle gains at all.
*Ibuprofen does affect muscle gains and reduces gains.
*Free weights are not superior than Smith/Machines for general BB purposes.
*Egg whites are Good to drink IF they are PASTURIEZED.
*Muscle burns by adrenaline/cortisol, T3/T4 with huge deficit and Lots of cardio.
*Muscle burns only for extra calories body needs and muscle reperation in protein deficit.
*Muscle Memory is just how body remembers Muscle movements, not effecting gains.
*Aspiration means absolutely nothing when injecting intra-muscularly, AMA advises against it.
*Pin straight down, not at a angle or it will go into fat for glutes.
*Injecting into Fat does not waste gear, just slower absorbtion rate.
*Usually when injected into fat = Red lump, High PIP.
*Running same AAS longer does NOT cause diminishing returns, U must adjust cals for more mass.
*Switching AAS does not hold true to myth of receptor down regulation, cause AAS all inc Nitrogen Reten.
*Tren IS toxic to Liver, Kidneys, Lipids, Digestive Track.
*Liver Enzymes over 150 Long Term will statistically lead to cirrhosis and liver damage.
*Rapid Cut: 500mg Test min, Intensity 8-12 Reps W/2-3 Sets, 1.25g/Lb.
*Rapid muscle loss occurs during High volume + Low carb diet + total day deficit.
*2Hrs training will not lose muscle even if stores gone, as long as day hits surplus w/Carbs.
*No correlation between hematocrit and blood pressure.
*AAS lasts for years if turned once in a while, dark place, room temp.
*Chronic use of marijuana reduces muscle gains, short use is fine.
*Protein is the only truly "dangerous" macro to overconsume due to kidney strain.
*Low Intensity Cardio at 120-130 Heart Rate Saves Muscle.
*Low Intensity Done best Fasted/Post Workout/Very Hungry times for 45 minutes.
*Vast studies show that the speed of digestion is IRRELEVANT provided overall daily intake is good.
*Consuming protein before recovery/sleep, etc does NOT provide any additional benefit.
*Splitting Oral AAS does NOT benefit Muscle growth at all and timing is irrelevant as it's built up in a few days.
*Oral AAS splitting DOES help stomach problems and helps stable hormone levels.
*Oral AAS decrease appetite, so eat food first and then take them prior to training about a hour before.
*Pre and Stims don't mix with Oral AAS sides, except BP, usually Dbol when e2 not in check.
*Viagra is Junk and doesn't work well at all.
*Cialis Works well at 5-12mg ED, Taken anytime, Not Liver Toxic, Does Decrease BP.
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Awesome thread Mr. Mike.
Very thorough.

I did not know alot of the info you wrote about. The part that really caught my attn. was about the ibuprofen. I had no idea it would affect gains.