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I'm finishing up my 2nd week of my Winstrol (winny) cycle. I injected into my delts (on seperate days) w/ a 1" 25g needle. A few days ago, I noticed that muscle on both delts are very warm to the touch.

I yesterday I injected into my tricep. Same problem. Is this normal?

Am I injecting too fast or sumthing? How long should it take to inject 1cc of juice??

I heard when you have abcesses , the muscle gets hot. Please HELP!?

P.S. I'm using the spotinjections website also.
Hmm, warm to the touch does sound like it could be infected bro. It could be that your gear is not sterile assuming that your injecting technique is sterile. It takes me I'd say around 1 minute to actually shoot 1ml of juice
It really depends bro, I ran a cycle of testoprim d and that shit would make my arm warm every time, yet my friend never had the problem. It just may be the way your body reacts to the stuff
I've noticed warmth and redness with multiple injections (and I use 'em all: tris, bis, pects, etc). There will always be some degree of an inflammatory reaction to the gear; this is NOT the same as an infection.
In time, you get to know the inflammatory reaction and what it feels like; it tends to be more obvious in shallower injections, and in muscles overlaid by "softer" skin (eg, triceps, especially medial head, and biceps).
Watch it carefully. An abcess will REALLY hurt and get hot. You'll learn the difference. Most people do not get abcesses, but we need to remain vigilant with a high index of suspicion. No panic, though.
You CAN run a fever from the inflammation alone. I've had fevers as high as 101 from prop alone early in a cycle. It goes away.
body temp is normal. I guess the heat must be normal. Everything else seems fine. I guess i'm over reacting. Thanks for in the info guys :)