Acne marks!!!!!!!


Hey guys I have done a couple cycles and I have alot of acne marks(red) that are on my back. They are not that noticable when Im relaxed, but damn it looks horrible when I get done working out and my body is heated and sweaty. Do you guys got any suggestions on cremes or any other remedies.Thanks.
They are post acne marks, there not scars yet. They just are really noticable once body rushes through my body lke after a workout.
It is just going to take time for them to fully heal and fade. Nothing else you can really do. Of course if you are jumping off and on cycles and the acne keeps coming back, this is likely the problem.
Sorry to highjack this thread but i get the same problems and have got a mixture of acne scarring accross the shoulders and a few pot holes in chest along with red marks

will roaccutane help or are there any effective treatments out there for scarring?


oh and by the way if it aint scarring then lay off the gear for a while dude otherwise you will regret it(like i do!)
yup not much you can do but wait it out. Tanning might help hide it a little bit. And if it keeps buggin ya that just take some time off cycling and let it fully fix itself.
I was actually gonna start a thread on this telling everyone but I red a post on another board about washing with Dawn antibac dish soap. I have the same thing you do with the red scars. After abotu 3 days of using it I saw a huuuuge improvement in my skin. I used to use Dial antibac but after using Dial for awhile my skin would get so dry that it'd be painful. For some reason the Dawn dries my skin out just enough to get rid of the acne but not to enough to dry to the point of fucking up my skin.

Also key for me is washing but not scrubbing the acne. I was using a scrub brush and for the longest time my acne would get worse because it'd irritate my skin. Now I just use a wash cloth and lightly wash the area and its gotten much much better.

I'm also considering taking some rubbing alc and throwing it in a spray bottle pre-gym to spray myself with lightly to see if that cuts down on the redness that occurs after a lift. Hopefully it'll work. In the meantime try the Dawn soap morn + night for about a week, plus some Benz peroxide 30 min after and see what happens, worth a shot.

I'm also pondering isotren on a low low dose as I've heard that keeps acne away for a lotta people, just not sure yet because I cant afford blood tests to check levels at the moment if I do.