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I want the experienced users’ opinion on this cycle. Please bear in mind that this is all the gear I can get my hands on at the moment, hence I’m trying to make the best out of it. I’ve attached pictures of my cycle and juice to this post. T-Maxx 400 consists of testosterone phenylpropionate 100mg-cypionate 100mg-decanoate 100mg-isohexanoate 100mg, but it won’t be enough to run for 10 weeks and that’s basically why I added the Sustanon 250 towards the last 2 weeks of the cycle, as Sustanon consists of almost the same blend of test esters. I have the option between Testoviron, Deca and Sustaton for the last 2 weeks. What do you guys think?

I’m 34, height is 5’7, weight 74-75 kilos. I went for 2 cycles back in 2008-2009-2010… the first one was Dbol/Sustanon/Ephadrine/Proviron and 2nd one was Testoviron/Ephadrine
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I would rethink this Cycle with these Long Esters in the Mix.
You have Esters with a 15 Day Half-Life.
It takes any Hormone 4 to 5 Half-Lives to reach Peak Blood Plasma Levels.
So with only a 10 Week Cycle, that's 60 to 75 days before peak.

So either Extend your Cycle out to 14 or 16 Weeks.
Or change to Test C or E.

From your post, doesn't sound like you have the option to change esters.
So Extend your Cycle.

And don't even think about tossing in Deca for only 2 Weeks, would be a complete waste of gear.
It's another Long Ester that needs time to build up.
So if you want to run Deca, run it throughout the entire Cycle........................... JP


I would recommend a single ester Testosterone over a blend. It makes it much easier to manage your AI dosage (which I don't see mentioned) and PCT (which isn't mentioned either). You don't have hCG in your cycle either. Seems like you have a lot of research left to do.


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OP listen I see you need to do a lot more research. You are very unknowledgeable , uneducated in the use of AAS. It is apparent due to your Q;s as others have already said.

How do you think a New and Different compound is going to do anything in 2 weeks.

The whole cycle is too short and should be extended to at least 12 weeks. You see just because the shorter esters start working quicker it does NOT mean that your body will synthesize everything that needs to put together to build MM is a shorter time. It is the tail end of the cycle I am talking about. Simply since it takes food and training also do you think that a shorter time with your training on cycle is going to help or hinder the grand scheme of things. IMOP extend this cycle and only use not more then 2 compounds, remembering the there is NO short cut

As far as the test 400 or the plain Sust it makes NO difference they are both ....What ? ...Yep they are Test. So no problem except the pinning times but in reality it will not matter much at all.

What about your AI in which you need , due to Testosterone. Do you know what an AI is ? AND it is not to have on hand BUT rto be . used throughout.

PS: your first cycle had 4 compounds , did I get that right. Holy shit that was a waste. If you had good gains , well on fist cycle you could have gotten all of it with just Test.
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