advice for a mate of mine


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I have a friend that currently uses 500mg test EW and 200 deca EW (mon thurs 250/100 injections with sust/deca) and he hasnt had ANY results..I mean not ANY results...only thing he has felt is sexdrive and the sust flu...and yes this dudes diet and workout is in order..he's been working out for 6 years straight and knows his shite..and no I dont think the gear is fake..simply because I compared the vials to pics from the internet AND one other dude (its his first cycle) has gained quite good while on it (they both are 8 weeks into the cycle atm)

so there's one thing I wonder about: This dude did a few orals only and fake deca cycles back in the days (when he didnt know better) without any ancilleries such as clomid etc. .. he has probably done 2 orals only cycles (gained 8kg's on his first one) and one orals\deca (the deca was fake)..the orals he did has all been Dbol (naposin) ..can this have anything to do with it, will he need monster size cycles to gain any because of this ?

his stats:

24 yrs old
94 kg
1.76 metres

greatly appreciate your feedback guys..he's sorta depressed over this atm :/
hmmmm I'd be a lil more concerned about the validity of the Sustanon (sust). Post some pics here and let us figure it out. The deca dosage isn't really enough to do much of anything but help the joints. Also, it's possible that he doesn't react well to test. It doesn't happen too often but I've seen a few people that say they don't get good results off of test. The thing is though they usually get some sort of sides.

See if you can't post some pics here for us.
mvmaxx: But the other dood that currently uses this one as his first cycle has gained like 8kg (and its not only fat and water I have seen him myself), and there's NO way that 200mg deca solo for 8 weeks can do that for him...I dont question the legality of this stuff since I know a few others that uses the same too and they got great results too...but Im is it possible NOT to react to test ? Must be 1 out of 1 million or something ;)