Advice on first cycle.


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Youll have to excuse me,im a total no0b when it comes to steroid use.I've been thinking about doing a cycle for sometime now,which is why i decided to do a bit of research on the subject.

Im 27 ,6ft 3inch,and 220 pounds

I have a reasonably good diet.

My typical daily food intake looks something like this.

meal 1: A bowl of kellogs fruit n fiber also maybe some wholemeal toast ar a banana
and a glass of juice.

Meal 2: Savoury rice with freshly coocked chicken from tescos also a yoghurt
and a piece of fruit after.

Meal 3: Pasta with a tomatoe based sauce with chicken,also a yoghurt afterwards.

Meal 4: Large protien shake strawberry flavour mixed with water only and maybe a yoghurt or a piece of fruit.

Meal 5: Another bowl of fruit and fiber or crunchy nut cornflakes with some whole meal toast.

I've been doing weights and cardio seriously for just over a year now and have managed to loose a decent amount of body fat and also managed to build up some lean muscle but im still carrying alot of fat arround my waiste area.Im not after massive gains from steriods i would just like to have some decent defination and to loose the fat,which is why ive been thinking about takeing some winstrol as i think this seems to be the best for me,as i have read that alot of body builders use it when cutting up,also i like the idea of it haveing low side effects.

If anybody has any information on cycles for winstrol,

cycle lengths
weekly amounts of winstrol
types of seringes also filters and anything else i will need
also if there is anything else i will need to take in addition to the winstrol,
either during the cycle or at the end of the cycle.

All information would be greatly appreciated.Also could you include any information you might think is helpfull to me as i am a complete begginer.

Thanks in advance for your replies. :startrek:
Hey bro, think of any questions you have and search this forum. also, there are some killer profiles on this site. If you take some time, there is a ton of info already on the board that will go over what you are asking about.
That article by JohhnyB is a great one.

IMHO, you need to wait a while as from your post it is obvious your diet is completely wrong and thus you probably have come nowhere near maxing out naturally. If your diet and training are not on target, steroids will do little besides lighten your wallet.

And they can be hard on an untrained body. Strength gains are rapid and it's easily to injure tendons and overtax the cns.

Winnie is very harsh for a first that article. :)
If your not looking for serious gains, then I see no point to subjecting yourself to steroid use. It seems the gains you are trying to achieve could be done naturally. Just my opinion.
Thanks for the replies people,they are much appreciated.I didnt realise my diet was so bad.I think im gonna put the steroids on hold for now and look more into my diet.

Also heres one thing i forgot to mention in my post, i work shifts

6am till 2pm
2pm till 10pm
10pm till 6am

will this have any affect,as my eating,training and resting times change every week.

Thanks in advance for any replies.
yup listen to ABOOT i read what he posted ....and look into it bro ..ok good luck