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okay guys this will be my 6th cycle i am 245 5'11" 11-12 percent body fat i try to get into another lean mass cycle my 6th cycle test and tren and slin and i finally got new gain when i add the slin in with a cycle. i don't think i will use tren again, because i all ready have asthma and dam i could not even run a 1/8th of a mile with out dieing and my girl friend say if i get on it again she will probelly leave my ass because the rage i got into so that is a long story. i was thinking of a cycle with test and deca and anavar and insulin in it i trying to figure out what dosages should i go with i never have used deca or anavar before.

my 6th cycle was
test prop and 100mgs ed
tren and prop mixed from bdl ed but not on sunday
and slin just on post work out days
i did the cycle 8 weeks and used insulin and clomid for post recovery
so what do you guys think the dosages for test and deca and anavar should be at???
It's pretty hard to say without knowing you previous cycles and doses, but in all honesty, I would hope that afer 6 cycles, you could answer your question yourself.
i never used anavar before what are some good dosages to start on??

and would you pick anavar over primo??