Alright you juice heads, write me up a 10 week cycle with.........


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minimal HPTA suppression, dont worry if the dosages are low, hold nothing back

so far i got this:

weeks 1-6 dbol 10mg AM only or a "normal dose" of anavar

stacked with....moderate dose of eq 10 weeks?

just brainstorming low dose cycles more or less


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yeah saw him like 2 weeks ago, he's good, he's got his shit straight and he's going back to school in the fall

no such thing as minimal hpta suppression? then why does fina shut u down harder than eq?


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in my opinion its a myth, now...perhaps it is due to the ability of different Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) to bind at the AR receptor level...

35mg Anavar (var) ed 1-10
300mg primo depot 1-10(good luck finding real)

i'd say thats about as light as it comes.

hmm now for an actual cycle (thats attainable)with minimal effects on HPTA


Anavar (var) 35mg/ed 1-10
Creatine 20g/ed


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var will most likely be detrimental to your cholesterol, so will a low dose of test. I would choose the test, because at 400mg a week, it is pretty unlikely you are going to get gyno ( i would still have nolva though) and pretty unlikely you are going to get any other sides. If you are so worried about sides, either take precautions or don't do gear.