First Cycle and PCT

Hey, since everybody is sharing experience, I m going to. About half a year ago I decided to start my cycle. And i came across this one . Now i'm on my 18 week and so far I am very pleased with the results! I ordered all the decabolons, testabolons and a couple of other thing from them and i had nothing but a great experience (shipping was fast, products came in a grate coundition, not broken or spilled (huge + for them)) with pharma4pro. I do recommend it to everyone.
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Any good choices for a first timers cycle? I want more strength and less size for powerlifting. I would prefer to start with test booster rather than a steroid such as Winstrol. Ive been told Testosterone Ethanate would be a good test booster but I dont want the mass and size that one will give me. Please help!
Would one shot of testosterone enanthanate at 250mg stunt an 18 year olds growth with no pct or would it not have an affect?
Hi, just a few questions if anybody with the long experience can help me please.
I am 40 and weigh 200 pounds and am 6ft tall. Have been weight training for 20 years and have a good, mainly clean diet. I have trained naturally all these years and said to myself that I wouldn't take any anabolic steroids until this time. I am now in a position of stability in my life where I can build my body further using anabolic steroids. My aim is to put on slow solid gains without the water retention and stomach bloating. I have been recommended Lean gain as this will help me achieve my goals but now the person who advised this has emigrated and I no longer have contact.
I am not taking this subject lightly which is why I want to get this spot on before I start. I plan on running my 1st cycle of Lean gain 200 (test prop 60mg,tren ace 60mg, masteron 80mg) 1ml, 3 times per week.
Could somebody please advise me on the following:
1) how long to run this course for
2) what anti oestrogen to take during/ after as a pct (dosage,drug name and length)
3) what ancillaries I would need to administer all the above (needle size etc)

I know you have probably seen all this before many many times and I have read the above posting but still am confused about the pct which I want to get right. but if someone could please give me some direction on this it would be great. Many thanks

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