anabolicminds admins threating liquidresearch

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here whats the admin over at anabolicminds are saying, they have giving us so much problems because one of the admins wants us going and they want to take over...lOL

You called it...I will also contact each admin and forward the threads where my members are complaining of your service. In addition, I will start manufacturing liquid solutions and offer each of them for $25-30 each to the customers (including the letrozole). Hope you don't have too much stock because you will sit on it for a long time...of course if the mold issue doesn't make you dump them.

All this because you refused to hear my members complaints...your banner will be removed and another in its place put up that says LR has been pulled for bad service and mold in product.

Good day...

here another one ...

I don't make threats...I shoot straight and to the point. The fact of the matter is that my members are asking questions as to why there is a lack of communication and we have to defend you. Reference the threads on the board where we defend your business at every turn. I believe in supporting the small guy and that is what we are doing with you. However, the lack of service is becoming harder to defend especially when there are competitors that give 2-3 day service.

I suspect that the back orders are due to a in stock problem and this prompted me to offer you another source for your products. I have extensive contacts with many China base manufacturing plants and partnering with me will ensure you have constant stock for your customer (who are also my members). Whether you choose to take advantage of that offer is your decision.

Now then, no threats here. I merely asked for your contact info on the board and improved communication with your customers. If you can't provide this to me I will be forced to copy each admin that carries your banner the threads where the members are not satisfied thereby alerting them to your communication problems. It is hard to imagine that my members are the only ones you serve that are suffering from your lack of communication...and if it IS only my board you are neglecting then what does that say about your relationship with us??

Choose your words carefully in your response to me...I do have the capability to manufacture the liquid solutions at less than $4 per unit and can level the playing field more than you think.

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hey bro, are you threating
this board is causing us alot of prblems from the start, we have been nothing but good to every one and we get treaded like this
Im not following.... are you representing Liquid Research?
Yes he is. I have been more than happy with the service I have gotten from liquidresearch.
I know a few guys who have been very happy with liquid research. The only complaint I have heard is possible underfilling of vials at this point.

I don't understand the mold complaint or if it is legit or bogus.
THe mold complaint is about some of the liquidclen. It didn't have enough preservative and grew a little mold in the bottle. BUT liquidsolutions replaced the clen free of charge and corrected the formula for future use.
I ordered last week on a thursday. Emailed on monday about order E-mail came back with time and order sent along with tracking. Product showed up on tuesday that tuesday. I figured it was only 4 business days till I recieved product. I was happy hope this all can be work out.
You replaced my clen AND are giving me free T3. I told you I got your back for that. Just keep making good products and you should be more than fine. I recommend all my friends from other boards to you. Whoever watches out for me I watch out for them.
the mold came from using a spoiled batch of glycerine , we have changed glycerine suppliers now., and also add alcohol the clen now, this was not our fault it was the suppliers fault but we still replace everyones clen plus a free bottle of your choice, since glycerine comes from food thats what caused the mold because it was spoiled and we did not know this.....all our other products contain alcohol so this can not happen those products
But then you post this:

"Chemo emailed me today with concerns for his members not being happy with our service. Chemo is a good guy looking out for all of you and I want to assure him and you that we work hard to provide top customer service. It has been brought to my attention that there are some members that are having delay in their orders or troubles with getting through to us. We have been very backed up due to such a rapid growth, but we have been working on hiring new helping hands. Our shipping policy is 24-48 hours after the order is placed with priority mail taking 2-3 days to deliver. If we ship after the 3rd day then those orders get a 20% discount on the next order placed. 4-5 days then we express ship free and give the 20% discount. Backorders get a free bottle of choice and free express shipping when the product comes available. Email us if you have a concern and we will respond within 24 hours with a solution."

Now Im really lost.
bayoumike said:
I do have the capability to manufacture the liquid solutions at less than $4 per unit and can level the playing field more than you think.


If he can produce the product for $4/bottle then WTF is he bitching about exactly? :confused: Just go do it and make money. I can't see why he'd even bother Liquid Research if this was the case.
mvmaxx said:
If he can produce the product for $4/bottle then WTF is he bitching about exactly? :confused: Just go do it and make money. I can't see why he'd even bother Liquid Research if this was the case.

He's working on his Ph.d, has a job and runs BDC Nutrition, mixing a myriad number of batched of 1-test transdermals himself, he doesnt have the time for a project such as this.....

btw- Chemo is a good friend if anyone wants to know how I know all this :)
sometimes guys get to worked up in this game. As long as this liquid company keeps up with the excellent business practices talked about in this thread, then i dont see what the issue with them is. I have never heard of the company before, or used any of their products, but now i just may
I thought we had an understanding Mike...

OK gentlemen, here's the low down.

His service rate is a shitty 50%...half get their shipment on time and the rest are left to fend for themselves. On my board, the half that gets shafted PM or email me for help in getting their purchases. So now it's time for a history review:

I contacted Mike some time ago about his lack of communication with the members from my forum that were shafted. He replied back he has a degree in computer sciences (as evidenced by his outstanding web design) and he would not accept my help which was extended FREE TO HIM. I left it at that and hoped his service would improve.

After the trend continued (about half were satisfied and the other half PM'ing me) I emailed him with their concerns. It should be noted here THAT I DO NOT ACCEPT MONEY FROM BANNER SPONSORS for cases such as this. I select the banners that are given FREE space by what they offer my members...not how much money they give me monthly. If Mike wishes I can post those initial emails where we spell out exactly what is required of him: instead of paying me a monthly banner fee he was to keep his money and take good care of my members and MOD team. What do we get instead? Half of my members complaining about shitty service.

When I emailed him after numberous emails he finally responded to me. He instantly came off with a "I"m going to tell on Anabolicminds to all the boards" attitude and what he posted above was the escalation of 12 email exchanges.

Even with what he posted it is clearly evident that I am not bitching to him just because it suits me today...I am protecting my members from an UNPAID "sponsor" that has turned out to have bad service and mold in their product. During the emails back and forth he indicated that he was doing all of us a favor by gracing us with his business...I replied in one of them that I have more contacts in China than Charlie Chan and could offer better service than him ANY day of the week. My intention was not to threaten him by taking his business but illuminate the basic business principle of TAKING CARE OF CUSTOMERS which is clearly not doing with Anabolicminds members.

Mike, as I have said OVER AND OVER in our email exchanges all I want is for you to ANSWER THE DAMN EMAILS from the forum members so they will stop PM'ing me to contact you.

At one point he wanted ME to apologize to HIM for the email requesting better communication. My reply to him:

...Apologize for protecting and looking out for my members from an unpaid advertiser? No emails or orders from my members? Why is it they are complaining if they have no reason???

All I am asking of you is to improve your communication with my members...anything less is unacceptable....
I can't stress to the members of this board enough => MY SOLE INTENTION OF CONTACTING HIM WAS TO RESOLVE ISSUES WITH HIM NOT SHIPPING PRODUCT TO MY MEMBERS. The rest of the shit he posted above is taken out of context and I will post the ENTIRE EMAILS so all can read for themselves..not just the pieces that fit HIS agenda.

In closing, I contacted him to light a fire under his ass to ship the orders to my members. He instantly got a shitty attitude with me about how we treat sponsors on is my reply back to him:

Let's get one thing straight...I have accepted no money from you for your "sponsorship". There is not one banner on my site that has paid me money to be listed to avoid situations where I am obligated to continue support with evidence of bad service. I contacted YOU and give you FREE advertising with a banner and MOD support for the simple exchange of keeping my MODS happy and your service to the members top notch. In this manner, if a supported business proves to be unworthy of free advertising I can pull their banner at my convenience since it was free to begin money was exchanged.

I contacted you previously about the members complaints about lack of communication...I even offered to help you at NO COST. You replied back a shitty email saying you were more than capable of handling it yourself. The situation has NOT changed and my members continue to complain. I suspected that the back order was due to lack of in stock availability because if it is indeed in stock there is NO REASON to delay shipment. You are obviously not interested in that offer to help either...I have offered to help AT NO COST to improve your operations with a shitty email returned on each occasion. What is it you want me to do? Ignore my members and MODS?? Not when I have personally offered to help you out and you refuse each time.

So what is the resolution to this problem? Simple: ship the damn orders on time and improve your customer service emails. I am not in this to make money...I own BDC Nutrition ( and this provides me with plenty of money to live. I am dedicated to my members and those that give them the best service with quality products. It is in the members best interest that I take up this battle with you and I will see it to the end regardless of where it takes us. It is up to you where we go from here...once again, choose your words wisely. I have offered to help you on several levels and the offer still stands but the end result has to be better communication with YOUR customers (my members) regardless of what you choose to do.

Now then, the original "threat" was NOT out of the blue without provocation. I stress to you that there has been previous exchange of emails between us concerning the exact issue we are discussing now. The first time around you refused my help...this time around, since you can handle it yourself per past email, the tone was somewhat different. I make no threats. I simply tell you what I am going to do for you, to you, or with you. You can check with your other admins and they will tell you I am a man of few words but a lot of action. Below you state your intentions of contacting admins with a "bad anabolicminds" message and as soon as you do the can of worms will be opened and will not be closed at your discretion. You choose war with me by bringing the good name of anabolicminds into the mud and it will be hell to pay. I have my mailing list on standby with a message already written (links to member and MOD feedback included) that will reach about 3K ADMINS, MODS, and shakers in the forum scene as fast as an email can be delivered. I will hold off until you decide whether you want to resolve this issue or declare war with me. It is not ME that wants to fight this is YOU not interested in serving your customers (who are also my members and were recommended to you with a reference in MY NAME).
Mike, I think my replies to you speak for themselves. I am not trying to take you down or threaten your operations. The simple truth is that I CAN import the powders from China cheaper than you...I'm already importing 25 kilos of 1-test from them anyway. I don't want to take your business as I already have mine. What I do want you to do is get your act together and take care of my members...

Didn't think I was on this board...did you?

Another thing about what he posted above:

Did anyone notice the part where I offer him a contact in China??? For the love of God...I offer him a China base powder source to help his in stock availability!!! And still he acts like he is doing US a favor by selling his products. Your lack of principles astounds me Mike...

mvmaxx said:
If he can produce the product for $4/bottle then WTF is he bitching about exactly? :confused: Just go do it and make money. I can't see why he'd even bother Liquid Research if this was the case.
Because my intention was NOT to take over his business or even break into the liquid market (although I might now after this). I was contacting him on behalf of my members due to his bad service.

He made it sound like there were no other alternatives and since he was the cheapest around people would have to put up with the 50% shipment rate or take a flying leap. I responded back to him that if he would not improve his service in light of my contact I would make sure the underground has a another option...

hey bro, I posted this when you first treating us and then we came to a settle but this post was still here i can not nothing about this I can get the mod to delet this thread
You want to handle things via email...we can do it there. You take it to PM's I can play nice. As soon as you start posting emails, out of context I might add, I have to play the same game.

Don't stop me now...I have 11 more emails between us to post. When I'm done the members here will know that you care nothing for your customers and I was merely fighting for my members that have been shafted by you.

As a general rule, don't post my emails and I won't post yours....usually I'm emailing for a good reason.

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