Anadrol 2 more weeks?

Should I continue anadrol 2 more weeks?

  • Yes add 2 more weeks

    Votes: 3 60.0%
  • Stop at 4.

    Votes: 2 40.0%

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I am currently running test e 400/week for 12 weeks, deca 300mg/week for 10 weeks and i front loaded with anadrol at 50 mg a day

I am currently on week 3 and have one more week left of the drol after this for 4 total, my question is think I should get more and do 6 weeks. I am having great results and by then everyhting else should be full bore!
If your happy with how it jumpstarted your cycle, then there is no reason to continue. If you really want more out of it then keep going. We always want more though...
it probably wouldnt kill you if you did extend it 2 more wks
6 weeks on Anadrol is fine, so long as you are not having any problems with it now. I have run 6 weeks @ 75mg with no problem. I think if things are going well for you so far, then do 2 more weeks. :bigok: