androlics and stanabols


Pro Bodybuilder
i got a few bro's askin me to pic them up a few things when i order. any feedback on the stanabol 50 mg winny?
on the androlics, the list i got has british dispensery androlic 50 and british dragon androlic 50.
wich are the green giants? wich ones are better or are they basicaly the same?
British Dragon are made in China and the british Dispensary are made in Thailand. The British dispensary are the original green giants. The dragons don't have the snake and arrow on them. The 5mg stanabols are awesome, i haven't tried the 50mg ones...
Ive tried the British Dispensary Androlics, like them a lot. Had a friend who used the 50mg stans, he said they gave him the same results as the illium injectable winny.