Andromed Labs (AML) is back

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HGH Somatrope back in stock at AML !

They offer :

- Canada DOMESTIC !!

No customs for those 2 countries.
needless to say some confusion here. :insane: I am tethering from my phone. IT gets disconnected sometimes... If I'm not aware of it, i loose where i'm at when it boots back in.

But WTF .... guys things with me lately have just been off.

I couldn't figure out what got posted on my end. Truthfully guys, honestly just to admit i'm having focus problems... Never the less, fuck never the less ..... my bad don't know what to say.. :nopity: :insane2: ... :(

well it's happened before, sometimes ya feel like crawling under a rock.

Hey Omm have you tried looking at your history to get back to where you were before your phone clonks out?
On behalf of Landmarkchem, welcome you back bro!***12288;:beertoast

Landmark Nutraceuticals Co., Limited

Wickr: Carolinechem
Skype: Carolinelandmark

USA Warehouse, USA Carrier, European Carrier, Australia Carrier.
Pharmaceutical grade Steroid Raws, SARMs Raws, Semi-finished Oils, HGH, Peptides.

Hello everyone!

Im glad to be back on ology! I have been so busy with work, hardly had time to log on anymore, but now i have a better work schedule thank god :p

I see a lot of new guys on here, and a LOT of old timers hehe

I missed you guys !

If you have questions about AML, or about anything in general, as always, don't hesitate to contact me !

(BTW they have the test madness going on (2x1) on all major test products (cyp, ena, prop ) ...really worth it to stock up... And the double order for 50% also still going on ... and the free ship code (FREESHIP) on orders above 300 (free ship is actually 33$ off, so it still applies for intl orders )


Hey guys,
DO NOT contact me on my proton mail address, my account has been hacked and someone is actually answering the email.
I am also locked out of my ology account. waiting for ADMIN to help me back in.
How the fuck can someone hack a proton mail lol wtf !!!

TRUST (the real one and only !! :p)
Hi bro,
Theres no codes going around, however they still have the low prices boxing day specials going on.
Also, Boss told me there is a HGH super sale thats going to start today!!
I just got some last week, will send pics later today
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Just an FYI for anyone out there considering them. Ive had a couple orders come through no problem in the last several months.

Although I havent had bloodwork done, yet. I do believe their products to be of good quality, but there can be some PIP at larger doses or in virgin muscle.
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