ankle injury


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i totslly twisted my ankle saturday. the docter of scourse says there is no excercise i can do. ive benn doing crunches. but is there anything else i can do? i tried [push ups with my bad foot on top of my good one. and no luck. it was too painful. ps2 is cool but not that coool/ im so bumming. and u must be too if ur reading this weak ass post.
You can do all upper-body exersises, that don't require too much bracing with the foot. Just do as much as you can without aggravating it. I smashed my big toe about 10 years ago. In the X-ray, it looked like someone put a bomb inside the bone, cause it was in pieces bro. Anyhow, I did all upper body stuff. I couldn't wear a shoe, and had to gimp from station to station with one shoe & one black sock, but I managed.
holy shit , wild cause im sitting here with an ace bandage around my ankle as well . i didnt go to the doc because i have small joints so every couple of years i sprain one of my ankles and know the deal . this time i was @ the bar in chicago getting hammerd with my buds and some asshole over flowed the damn tiolets so when we were drunk messin around in there i slid and twisted it trying to catch myself , DAMN IT !
well keep limping on it and when resting force it to move around even if slight pain to do that , this is EXERCISE BRO ! its the only exercise that sore joint can handle right now so do it and healing will come faster . you can still train too , just do seated , lying and machine movements for the next two weeks not all is lost . and to train the legs PRE-EXHAUST the quads and hams on leg extensions/curls , then hit high reps on leg press but go real slow on reps to not aggravate the ankle and keep sets to minimum on legs , NO CALF work though or deadlifting . shrugs will have to be seated to .