Another thermorexin report


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I dont know what the deal is but I'm not feeling too much from this at all. This is my 3rd day on it.

1st day took one because of warning...then 3-4 hours later I took 2 more. Didnt feel much except more alertness which I like because I can pay attention to things for longer periods of time.

2nd day, took 5 total. About the same experience as first day except I got some MAJOR hunger. It made me so hungry I wanted to face slam about everything I saw.

3rd day(today), about the same as 2nd day so far. Going up to 6, only adverse effects I can possibly foresee is sleeplessness. still get the major hunger pains though and I thought it was supposed to suppress appetite?

Background info: not taking anything else right now except 10mg dbol every day (waiting on Sustanon (sust) to finish getting out of system to start post cycle and I didnt have any prop).

Also, my receptors should have been fresh because I havent used any thermos in about 4mo nor do I drink caffeine regularly.

Anyone have any thoughts or opinions on my experiences?
Has anything changed as far as your results? I too haven't noticed much from thermorexin. first day a little jacked after 2 pills. took four the next day and a little nausia. hungry as hell. no appetite suppression. i am eating more now than ever. Cardio has benefitted a little. I feel somewhat more motivated than before but still haven't lost more than a pound.
I have to say that I believe this stuff is starting to kick in. Took 2 caps am yesterday then 2 in the afternoon then 1cap at about 9:pm. Did not fall asleeep ti 5 am. Today 2 upon waking with an apple. felt the buzz all day took 2 more at 7 pm we'll see if i can sleep tonight. Ulter could you give me some info on diet, timing of food intake, and timing of cardio to get the most out of this product? I am 31 yrs old 5'9" 248lbs at about 20% bf. Looking to get to 12% by the end of the summer for a bulking cycle in the fall. I have never been very lean. I have weight trained on and off for 14 yrs. I have to say that I am now a believer in t-rex. I guess maybe it took a couple 3 days to get going.Or maybe due to thermo abuse in the past i have a high tolerance to stims. I like the energy, havent had my afternoon nap in two days. I also like the sexual benefits unlike most thermos that make it hard for me to sustain an erection, t-rex has turned me into a champion in the sack. I feel like I am on test.
That's a great name BTW, most people don't know what it is.

It's not that complicated bro. Just use 12-1 as your cal to lbs ratio. And don't take out carbs from your diet. The carbs and plenty of water make a huge difference with Thermorexin. You should be training like a maniac now that it kicked in for you so you should see good results.
Thanks for the quick reply. Do you really think that I will lose enough fat at 3000 cals a day? I am probably closer to 2000 right now with about 100 to 150 grams of carbs. Not trying to argue with your knowledge I just don't want to up my cals and my carbs and end up gaining or not losing anything. Thanks for your time. I am recomending t-rex to everyone I talk to.
I don't know your body like you do. If you're able to train at 2000 then go for it, and 150gr of carbs is plenty.
Thanks for the info. The carbs were my main concern. So I am happy that I know I am getting enough. I think its cool that someone like yourself with inside knowledge of a product is taking time to talk to people and really help us out. Peace brother!
I took 2 the other morning and I felt sick to my stomach and light headed all day! I can only take 1 at a time...strong stuff!
Eat a banana first bro. OR you can just wait until your second week when you get used to it. After about 5-7 days you can take it on an empty stomach. Well, I could anyway.
water...water and more water.. hydration is the key to feeling all the benefits of mosts stims as well as better performance
I am going to start taking them tomorrow(Monday) do i need to change my diet totally. i have to drink more water as well. Hope this stuff will work for me.