Antibiotics, their side - effects and usage while on trt


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Hey guys, last week I went to the doctor for flu-like symptoms. After being diagnosed with what the 75 year old doctor termed as "the crud", he gave me a shot of Kenalog (steroid) and a shot of Rocephin (antibiotic). He also prescribed me a course of Cephalexin (aka Keflex) at 1000mg twice a day for 10 days.
The next day after the two shots I felt much better, but about 3 days ago,which was 6 days in to my Cephalexin course, I started to develop some side effects. Ive been experiencing symptoms such as upset stomach, tiredness and fatigue, and a little bit of anxiety. The only positive thing ive noticed is a slight reduction of body acne which I have been struggling with while on trt.
The reason why im posting this is because im wondering if any of you guys have experienced side effects such as mine while taking antibiotics. I had been considering taking antibiotics to help with my trt related acne, but I wont consider it if im gonna feel like this. Any thoughts on this issue are welcome
Also, does anyone know how long this antibiotic will stay in my system after course completion, and when I can expect to stop experiencing these side effects?
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