anyone know about this 1-TU stuff?


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reading through FLEX, ya i know it's a crap of a magazine some say i like it some days, they have an ad for 1-Tu by Nutrex Research.

anyone know anything about this product? it say it:

  • Only 1-testosterone product utilizing a medically approved delivery system: 17-*what looks like a B but isn't*-undecanoate ester and oleic acid in a liquid gel cap.
  • First prohormone to bypass the liver completely. This means: No liver Damage, and 300% higher bio-availablity.
  • Maximum pharmaceutical grade absorption, leading to: unparalleled gains in lean, dense muscle...Massive strength gains.
  • Absolutly NO estrogen conversion!
  • Most modern prohormone drive by German technology

also says it's the only medically approved delivery system.

i'm gonna check their site out to see if i can't get any more info on it.
Sounds interesting.I not a fan of pro hormones ,from what I have read about the sides and mixed reviews on gains.
it totally does, but people did say the same thing when 1-ad and all them came out. i'm not a believer of it right now, wasn't sure if anyone had any dealings with it or knows someone else....