Anyone On Bdl Primobolan Or Primoject??


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Wanted to see if anyone has good things to day about the Primo or Primoject?? They sound killer anyone on them?? SD
I know but its sold out so some bros out there are on it! Im diggin the primoject add some korean prop and that would be a very nice cycle!! Let me know if anyone has good feedback..I dont doubt it'll be good just would like to hear some experiences!!SD
Spacedet01 said:
He has straight enanthate.. 75mg and 25mg acetate...but it sold out as well!!!

realy, all i saw was the 75/25 mix and the primo/tren combo

whats the potency on the straight enanthate?
good info on that trhead johnny...when its stocked Ill hit it up trust me....You all will be the first to know what its like!!