arimidex question


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if i want to take .25 a dex do i try to cut the 1mg into 4 pieces with a razor blade or is there an eaiser way? thx
Yep, do that or else just split them in half and take .5mgs per day. The active life is long enough that either way should be fine.
Pill cutter it's precise and quick. only like 10 bucks. Essentially it's just a razor blade in a holder, but it's really easy to use and you get lot of use out of it if you have a large amount of pills. Any drug store has em.
crushershockey said:
no pill is too little for it :p

Sorry but I have to disagree, it's bad enough trying to split those little guys in half, let alone quarters. They are just about guarenteed to shatter into little peices.

Aboot has the only solution, split in half and dose EOD.
no i know i was jokin around... but it is hard to tell that through a post on a board tho lol...

you should just get yourself some liquid a-dex