Arimidex ?


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I am reading a profile on Arimidex. They claim it has an active life of 2-6 hours. They recommend multiple dosages throughout the day 2-6 times. Most of the posts I have seen online recommend .25mg ED of EOD. Any Thoughts on this?


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Thats odd

StoneColdNTO said:
Yep.....bad profile....the 1/2 life is 50 hours.

Really I got the info form a reputable publication. Chemical Muscle Enhancement by Author L. Rea. It came highly recommended. I will stick with daily administration for now. If I bloat I will increase it. Thanks for the input.


GQ on AS!
When on a low dose Test cycle I have used Arimidex at eod, worked well. Now if your on a heavy Test cycle definitely keep it at ed!