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bro that is a pic of him after he went through his prime not before. he was bigger when he was 18 then in those pics

The good thing about Arnies physique is its obtainable by 99% of people who start young but to all the idiots who claim Ronnie is a juice head heres what Arnie looked like before he took steroids:


He started bombing down tons of dbol and some other drug, I cant remember but he was taking tons of steroids and then he built a pretty good physique, his physique is obtainable easily be anybody young enough and with AAS, Ronnie Coleman's physique is IMPOSSIBLE I repeat IMPOSSIBLE for probably anybody in the world to achieve no matter how much AAS, rec's, GH or Slin you take, thats the difference, most of us in here can surpass Arnie and if we do it right we will take the old Arnie in a pose down BUT Ronnie Coleman we'll never ever be able to be like him, thats what makes you a champ, when your so good nobody can possibly touch you, I rest my case.


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Arnold is the greatest of all time and has achieved every goal he set for himself in this life. He will be President one day. Belief is Arnold's greatest asset. His physique is a byproduct of belief not steroids.


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Ronnie looked much better between 1993-98 before all the GH, not Arnold good but much better then now.
Seems everyone on GH ends up with a larger waistline.