LOL Arnold's blue print... ALMOST!


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Well fellas I'm sure you all have seen arnolds blue print if not here it is...

Mon - Chest/Back
Tue - Arms/Abs
Wed - Legs
Thrs - Chest/Back
Fri - Arms
Sat - Cardio
Sun - OFF

Ob/Abs are in there as well a couple of times I'm not sure where but it does not matter for what I'm trying to say. I tried this routine and it did not work I got sick and could not get rid of a cold had 0 libido and felt like crap 24/7 WHY though???? Because its over traning arnold was on a boat load of gear primo ace test dbol whinny deca the plus the guy had great genetics so he was healing nearly overnight. Now for a natural guy to try to attempt this workout routine especially one my age in their late 20's with lower t HA!! I have tried many modified work out routines and I came up with one that works well and I see growth a lot faster.

Mon - Chest/Back
Tue - Arms/Shoulders/Abs
Wed - Legs
Thrs - Off < Why? After mon tue and then LEGS your body needs some rest.
Fri - Chest/Back
Sat - Arms/Shoulders/Abs
Sun - OFF

I believe 5 on without any breaks is too much this way I'm still getting 5 days a week and not working out 5 days in a row. Keep in mind I do cardio 10mins before every workout. What do you all think??


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Try it out, if it works for you, Great! No one workout regimen will work for every person out there.

Some people find best results with Volume training, DC training, Reverse Pyramid, or HIT (Mentzer)... Etc

I think the main focus should be balance when developing a plan. Balance : rest between workouts, rest between sets, repetition timing, set frequency, total workout time, intensity, weight, and muscle groups activated.

Balance all of these variables to best suit your goals.

If you're wanting to build up a certain area more, hit it more often until it's caught up. But always seek balance and symmetry through your workout routine and muscle development.


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I think your workout is on the right track, I have modified schedules that I have seen others post just to fit my needs. From what I understand back in Arnold's days in Venice beach those guys didn't have a 9 to 5 all they did was eat sleep and train. And your right with the gear and genetics I imagine the refraction or recovery period was minimal for him.