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I'll be making some clen tommorrow. I'll be using 1g of clen following the mother child method direcs you have but I doubt I'll go through any of it very quickly.

What would you recommend for amount of BA for storing the concentrate? I'll go with around 1-2% BA and round the numbers so they're more user friendly:

2ml BA
164ml Distilled Water
1g clen

and then stick with the original solution for the "children" (1ml concentrate, 1ml ba, 58ml Distilled water).
Be sure not to go much over 1% BA for the concentrate because BA isnt highly soluble in water. Thats why we usually add it later.

Just as a update, I no longer use BA at all with clen. Ive found it to be just fine without it for a long long time. If you want peace of mind, Id add maybe 1ml BA to 165ml distilled water and 1g clen.
Thanks mang. I'll go without and see how it goes with it sitting for awhile, likely be a year or so , lol. Clen is horrendously cheap so its not a big deal.

Does the Clen crash/lose potency over time? Wondering how to determine if its gone shit.