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Anyone read Chemical Muscle Enhancement? Some of the things Author recommends seem outrageous, along the lines of Paul Borresson. Any thoughts on his theories? Experience? Thanks.
He seems like a very smart guy, but some of the more intelligent guys on these baords, have disproven many of his theories.
Here's a review of his book by CEM members:


The latest Anabolic Steroid book
Meso is hyping a book called "Chemical Muscle Enhancement" from author L. Rea. They are hailing it as the "greatest breakthrough since Duchaine."

Let me tell you, don't waste your money because I already did that for you. The information in the book is often outdated, not thoroughly researched, and the author often makes claims that are in no way backed by any sort of research. This book makes Anabolics 2002 look like the bible. Not to mention, it looks like someone spent about 20 minutes writing it.. Don't waste your $50 folks..

I would expect that when someone makes a claim as to a steroids physiological effects that they would back it up with evidence to support that assertion. L. Rea does not do that at any point in his book, even when he is making completely unfounded claim like Tren is hard on your kidneys.

Knowledge is no good if it is not grounded in some sort of supportive evidence.


I just bought it as an e-book - $10 cheaper, and I don't have to wait for it in the mail.

So far, my impression is that at least this is a better attempt than most of the popular Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) books on the market.

Unfortunately, he could use a better proof-reader and editor as the spelling mistakes are numerous. Also, the lack of study references are worrisome. I have a big problem with his perpetuating anabolic/androgenic classification, his nonsensical understanding of protein turnover rates, and I also see him parrot some BB myths like orals increase hepatic IGF-1 production, "cleaning out" androgen receptors, oxandrolone not suppressive to the HPTA etc etc

Better on some areas, but complete bullshit in others. When making leaps of faith in logic reasoning, it really helps to at least base it on facts rather than BB folklore.

I guess it's pretty easy to get duped by it when the author (I actually think his NAME is "Author") sounds like he knows what he's talking about by throwing around scientific terms.

The whole steroid profiles section is laced with errors. Like "active-life" instead of half-life. The "active-life" of propionate is 3 days? Not when you've injected 500mgs..."Active-life" of Arimidex is 4-6hrs? Its half-life is 48hrs in scientific literature...Deca has low inhibition of the HPTA? NOT! And it does not negatively impact HDL, while it lowers total triglyceride and cholesterol - great...inhibits fat synthesis? Wonder drug. Tren is so liver and kidney toxic that it makes you piss blood? Wow... And he doesn't have the correct understanding of SERMs either, "they work as weak estrogens, and blocks estrogen from attaching to the receptor". Well, what does the term Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator imply? There are several veterinary Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) preparations...What part of human chorionic gonadotropic was difficult to grasp? And 50mg of Proviron+20mg of Nolva will lead to complete estrogen suppression? WTF?

It makes it really hard to trust the rest of his information when he can't even get the simple facts straight.

Wanna hear his proposed cycles, based on his "action-reaction theory"? Almost thought Paul Borresen was his inspiration...(the following has been edited due to copyright issues)

Example 1 Stage 1 *He says he wants to super-saturate the androgen receptors before they could respond with a desensitized reaction

Day 1 500mg Enanthate 25mcg T3
Day 2 500mg Enanthate 25mcg T3
Day 3 500mg Enanthate 250mg Cytadren 3x/day
Day 4 500mg Enanthate 250mg Cytadren 3x/day
Day 5 400mg Enanthate 25mcg T3
Day 6 400mg Enanthate 25mcg T3
Day 7 400mg Enanthate 250mg Cytadren 2x/day
Day 8 400mg Enanthate 250mg Cytadren 2x/day
Day 9 300mg Enanthate 25mcg T3
Day 10 300mg Enanthate 25mcg T3
Day 11 300mg Enanthate 250mg Cytadren 2x/day
Day 12 300mg Enanthate 250mg Cytadren 2x/day
Day 13 200mg Enanthate 25mcg T3
Day 14 200mg Enanthate 25mcg T3

He recommends Arimidex 0.5mg 3-4x/day or Nolvadex 20-40mg/day if signs of excess estrogen appeared, but this was rarely necessary he claims. By day 14 his body was reaction ready [referring to his action/reaction theory] and readjusting itself to begin shutting off storage mechanisms, so it was time to switch to a highly anabolic environment.

During Phase 2 the circulating cortisol his body was about to produce was a concern. So he says that he wanted to either use chemistry that induced anabolism in spite of catabolism (such as Primobolan Depot or Parabolan) or use chemistry that acted as an anti-catabolic and anabolic (such as Insulin and GH) or both. His choice in this example was GH/Insulin/T3 so as to allow "receptors to clear again".

Now what does this "clearing of receptors" have to do with anything? He obviously isn't aware of the AR-upregulation from supraphysiological androgen levels. His whole action/reaction theory is nonsense. He also believes that if you use non-aromatizing steroids and anti-aromatase+SERMs, the body will somehow compensate for this by producing more estrogen. Where does this estrogen come from when there is no substrate for aromatase, nor any aromatase enzyme activity?

Can't believe I wasted good money on this crap... And what the hell is a "fast-twist muscle"?
I think it is important to acknowledge that the reason the ads for this book appear on Meso is solely because the author has purchased the space.