B12 and appetite question


will make you tap
i was thinking about taking some inj B-12 because ive been eating so much that im starting to lose my appetite. do you take it sub q? how much should i take? does it really work?
I do my B-12 shots IM. I am currently taking 5000mcg every 3 days for a few weeks then I will cut back and use less for a maintenance dose. Although I googled B-12 injections and most sites state 500mcg to 1000mcg, but the heck with they say. I do what works for me. As far as hunger goes, I eat like a pig all day anyways so I couldn't tell ya. It is giving me a good amount of energy though.
I didn't get any noticeable appetite boost from b12. When I train hard and heavy I can eat like theres no tommorrow and if I dont' train hard or heacy or am taking a day or so off my appetite lessens. Alomst like my body is telling me something....