Back problem im lookin to fix.


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I have a bunch of recent pictures of back poses. Seems that my upper back muscles (Teres major/minor, Infraspinatus, Rhomboids) are a LOT more developed than my Lats. This is what i usuially do for back.

I start with pulldowns 2 outta 3 times, slow and controlled but as heavy as i can go with perfect form. I vary grips to overhand wide, nuetral wide or close, and underhand close.

I always have 3/4 deadlifts (below knees) in heavy sets 6 reps about 4 sets. This is always my second exercise.

I alternate between standing t-bar rows (close or wide grip) and barbell rows (under or overhand).

Every other workout il do pullovers alternating on a machine, or standing with a lat pulldown bar.

Finnish on one of 2 rowing machines varying grips or seated cable rows. High reps squeezing every rep.

What can i be doing wrong that is causing my upper back to grow so much more significantly than my lats? Any different exercises, tips, tricks, or positioning you know that will help me fix this?
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Maybe bad form? With the pull downs I would scrap using an unserhand close grip on pull dwons that will hit your bis more than your lats. I would keep the grip at least shoulder width on pull downs.

My back routine is as follows.
Bent rows
2x12, 1x10, 1x8, 2x6 Keep your back as flat as possible when doing these so you don't hit the upper back.
Low rows (reverse grip, I like the reverse grip because I feel it hits the middle back more)
1x10, 1x8, 2x6
High rows (either on the lat machine or hammer machine)
1x10, 1x8 2x6
Lat pulls
1x10, 1x8, 2x6

I finish up with dead lifts.
I use kind of a high volume work out but mabe you can find some ideas in what I'm doing.

good luck.
Mabrey you shoudl try more compound movements that focus more on the lats.......i.e. Reverse grip bb rows, kneeling db rows...and things of that nature........or instead of weighted pullups.....body-in-motion excercises are always better than stationary ones!

Here is my old Back training day

3/8-12 Power clean
3/8-12 Reverse Grip BB rows
3/8-12 Kneeling db row
3/8-12 Lat Pull down

Slow controlled pullups with a lot of negative emphasis for warmup and cool down.

Here is my current back day

5x5 Standard or reverse grip BB row
2/8-10 Cable Row
2/8-10 Kneeling db row
3/8-12 shrugs

Slow controlled pullups with a lot of negative emphasis for warmup and cool down.

Both have worked wonders...
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Its the 3/4 deadlifts. They made my upper back explode. Instead of droping them, do ultra wide grip pulldowns or pull ups, dumbell pullovers, and pulldowns with a v-bar handle grip, where palms are facing each other.
i use a false grip whenever possible during my back excercises to take as much of the bicep outof it as possible , and on your pulldowns try keeping your elbows tucked to the body as much as possible , flaring my elbows tends to bring to much rear delt and upper back muscles for me , i hope this helps good luck