Best Place to Buy Peptides


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Hi guys,
Just wondering where is the best place to get the best peptides ( I don't care about $ or shipping, just to get the strongest and purest)? I have been in contact with , they are the only ones that actually answer my questions and they seen to be the best ones to buy from, has anyone else brought from them?
Hi guys,
Just wondering where is the best place to get the best peptides ( I don't care about $ or shipping, just to get the strongest and purest)?

Choose, not a google wildcard thinking they sell jintropin alongside research peptides
Purchase peptides had some drama due to the fact of selling bunk stuff. I believe some forums have dropped them.

Can we openly talk about sources or just sponsors?
Started back on Southern research. I've used most every company out there. Was using some ghrp6/mod grf from a well know place. It was pretty good. Switched to Southern Research Company last night and this morning with ipamorelin/mod grf. Same dose and Ipam is supposed to be one of the weaker ghrp's. Man I had an instant flushing like I did when I first started the combination. Haven't had that in a couple months. I really like their packaging and TA. I've used them in the past and were always consistently potent, and appears to be the case still.

I'm going to add in some hex once a day and igf DES. I'm excited to try these out tomorrow after feeling good from ghrp/ghrh.

I've used a ton of igf and a fair amount of hex so I'm excited to see how the next few weeks go.
What about Ergo Peptides? Has anybody ever used these guys? And were you happy with their service and products?
I've used them. No complaints. A little slower then I like. And when I switched over to southern research I noticed an increase in potency with mod grf, Ipam, hex. Gonna add igf this week. So I'm not saying ergo was not good or even under dosed just that I feel SRC more. I get a crazy flushing instantly after inject. Common effect but seems to go away with time but it came back strong when I switched. And shipping was faster and carefully packed.

Give them both a try and see what you think.
ive been using without the S as they have they own manufacturing facility. my melanotan just came in with 99.3% purity thats great!
I use peptideman some of there products actually tell the purity grade

every single bottle from comes labelled with purity that is independently tested with each batch before it is released for sale.

im sure you could email them to ask the current purity of the product you were interested in ;)
I'm about to purchase my first order of CJC-1295 (w/o DAC)/Ipamorelin and am also very curious to know where the better quality peptides are coming from?

I have researched A LOT of them over the last few days including Ergo, Extreme Pep, Gen X, Propeptides, Southern Research, and a few others I am leaving out. It seems like the more I read, the more confused I get as to which one I should order from. :confused:

Right now I am leaning towards SRC due to the fact that I haven't read any negative reviews about them and they are US based with a supposed high potency on all their peps. They are a more pricey than their competitors AND they state they have great customer service, but have yet to receive a response to a few inquiries I made via their website. I have also called without a return phone call. They don't seem too customer service oriented.

Next in line is Ergo ........I have read many positive reviews on them and their peps are MUCH lower in price than SRC and the rest of the competition. I am just wondering if the quality is substantially lower as well. Again, from what I read....people seem to like them.
I just don't understand HOW they can sell a 5mg vial of Ipamorelin for $7, while most other facilities have them priced at $50-$70 for the same dose. This is INSANE!!

Extreme pep gets a lot of positive feedback as well and is lower in price than most competitors, but doesn't seem to have much in stock at the moment.

Gen X
gets a lot of positive feedback on the forum, but I have my suspicions about them because most of their feedback is coming from sponsors, etc. From what I read, the quality is great and if you bulk order, the prices are very competitive.

I was about ready to order today until I started researching the various peptide companies to buy from. So many state they have the highest quality, but the damn price range VARIES SO MUCH from pep to pep that I really question the quality........

If I can place a $500 order at SRC for Ipa/CRC and receive "around the same quality" at Ergo for $200, this is a no brainer. Problem is, none of the pep companies back up their claims of 98% potency with real, scientific, lab tested documentation. :dunno: