Best Place to Buy Peptides

Exact same here.

I would have to recommend Labpe 100% as of now. They are the only company I have tried but I loved the service, the shipping was A+ and the products seem to be absolute fuego in regards to potency. They also sent me a bunch of reports with the peptides proving that they were all individually tested and labeled with a batch number and that the reports prove their potency (some were 98% pure).

I also made an order with Purchase peptides and I have received their cjc/ghrp-2 but have yet to try it. They look legit and shipping was quick so I am hoping they will treat me like LabPe's.

I personally liked the way that PurchasePeptides wrapped the vials up better than LabPe but aside from packaging, LabPe is probably going to be my go-to source if they can provide me with decent sales and discounts every once in a while.

Overall, LabPe gets an A from me and Purchase Peptides is yet to be determined
Any US companies that can get thru Australian customs at the moment???
quality and good prices is what we want here down under
any good UK supplier that can be recommended?

found but no reviews etc found on that... since labpe is not selling anymore....looking for a good alternative
With no doubt, ProvenPeptides is a well-known supplier in the USA. The people working together in that establishment are aiming for nothing but quality. The initiative is responsible in bringing great ideas together to deliver outstanding service. Also, their team distributes standard-quality SARMs to meet the expectations of consumers. Moreover, each product coming from their manufacturing phase is tested. Thus, there’s a minimal chance of getting into trouble while under the influence of a particular drug. With the aim to guarantee quality products, laboratory report is kept for constant checking. Keeping those positive notions from their team, more customers are becoming drawn to them.