best time to start cutter.......


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Would it be more benificial for me to wait awhile before I start my cutting cycle...
Right now im 5'10, 233 at about 19%
Think I should wait till I get down to about 15% to start? I am hoping to be around 10% or so by end of summer.

Looking at running
1-10 75mg EOD Fina
1-10 100mg EOD Prop

I was alos looing at doing T3 and Clen with NYC....What would be the best way to add this in.......

Thanks in advance
assuming youve done a few cycles and know your shit, the cycle looks good, two best drugs for a cutter imo. i wouldnt use the t3 with out juice i know that much. depending on how much muscle you have past your genetic limit would determine whether or not id use gear right away. if your quite a bit over then youll loose a lot of muscle cutting with out juice, if your not, a good diet will help you maintain most of your muscle mass cutting naturaly.
as for the clen, id go 2 weeks on two weeks of, using nyc in the off weeks of clen. the t3 needs to be ramped up, hold the peek dosage then ramped back down gradualy, im not very experienced with it so youll have to search for specifics.
If you got the money add the eq at 600 with the above and you are golden.

Also get some armidex or liquidex to cut down on any estrogen fat deposit build-up and keep off any noticable bloat.