Blood in syringe after injection


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Anyone else ever get this? after some shots i notice a little bubble or two or three of blood in the syringe. anyone know what it means? obviously it isnt too bad becuse im alive but still, would be better if i knew.:dunno:
You just did a pass through - nothing to worry about. This is the reason you aspirate to make sure you are not shooting in the vein. But many times you do pass through one and inject just under neath it. Then when you pull the needle out - blood goes into the syringe.

when you push down on the plunger the whole way to the point where the rubber stopper compresses you create a vacum which then sucks blood up. So you prolly passed though a vein which caused bleeding and then you sucked a little back up in the dart. Nothing to worry bout.
This always happens to me. Its is nothing to worry about. Just the vacuum effect that has already been explained.