Test Cypionate or Enanthate Question

My suggestion is to forget about macros and count calories in/out. If you are at a caloric deficit you should lose weight. If not, I agree with jp flex and advise you to get your thyroid checked out. Try to keep the diet simple and you do not need to overthink it. Eat healthy, count calories as best you can. That would be the best advice I could give, but wtf do I know.haha

This here is the best advice for op to take. hope he takes it to mind and works on it.
Shoulder and legs on Monday, upper Wednesday, back and biceps on Friday, chest and tricep on Satuday. All waking up between 5am and 6am.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and do 15 minutes of HIIT afterwards. Saturday I ride bike to the gym, then go around the town and ride home. A total of about an hour ride. I told my Dr last visit that I just can't seem to be losing weight anymore and he shrugged it off with more diet talk.

I'm type O negative blood type, btw.

How much fat have you lost thus far? your diet should have you as thin as a pretzel.
Prop requires more frequent pining so if someone doesn***8217;t mind pining often then that***8217;s their choice. Can***8217;t criticize that. Test prop has its place, I personally prefer prop over cypionate. I don***8217;t mind more frequent pins because I get less estrogen side effects then I do with cypionate or enanthate. Everyone is different and everyone reacts differently.