Bought from the AF store for my 1st time on friday


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And I got everything today (monday). I have to say that their customer service is top notch, speedy, and informative.

In my experience its pretty rare getting this quick of service from online stores, even lol.

The AF Store has built quite a stellar reputation over the years. Ulter and Macro are solid business men. Im lucky to be able to deal with them through our Steroidology-AF Store affiliation.
Just want to say that I did my 2nd order on friday, and recieved it today (Monday).

My experience with AF is nothing but professional. I am very glad they are around.
naw. This is the 2nd time I have ordered. Im not trying to spam the boards, I just giving a heads up to the others who have not ordered from AF before.
well...since we are tooting horns...:)

i ordered enough pins etc from gpz on friday at 3 pm to stock a vets clininc... for experimental reasons and to admin meds to my cows and chickens...and i got home today and low and behold, 2 bid old boxes leaning against the front door...some more good service...